Hunters Take Note

Per County officials, there is to be NO deer parts or any wild game put in either the garbage or recycling carts. You must take them to the nearest disposal facility yourself. We will be leaving your cart if you do so and you will have to dispose of it yourself and clean out your own cart. Thank you for understanding. These are not our rules folks it is the counties.

DNR is requesting all carcasses/remains from hunters in the CWD Area be deposited in their “Adopt-A-Dumpster” Program (see link for locations). If a carcass is identified as positive, the hunter will need to immediately contact the DNR. The DNR will remove the positive carcass/remains with their staff. If hunters do not have results or are unsure of the test, they need to use the “Adopt-A-Dumpster” Program. The DNR Program is free.

If folks are unable to dispose the negative/non-detect remains through the DNR dumpster program, the Olmsted County Recycling Center (OCRC) Plus will accept these negative remains from individual hunters. Commercial loads that contain only deer that have tested negative/non-detectable results will need to obtain disposal approval for the landfill through the County’s Industrial Solid Waste Management Program. Residential and commercial trash loads that contain incidental waste from hunters is directed to the normal disposal facilities.…